VC-Series Probe Cards

As JEM's first vertical technology, the VC-Series Probe Cards have achieved a proven track record for multi-die memory probing, multi-die logic probing and wafer level burn-in. They are suitable for testing high speed memory devices such as RAMBUS and SDRAM. 

The VC-Series Probe Card has some unique features that offer major improvements over conventional cantilever probe cards. First, ceramic guide plates allow planarity and alignment to remain very stable over time and use, hence minimizing the frequency of maintenance. Second, the scrub marks are much smaller than those of cantilever probe cards, resulting in less damaged pads for packaging. Also, the VC-Series card provides uniform contact force for all pads of a die regardless of layout and no. of probes. This is particularly useful for matrix configurations. Another feature of VC-Series card is that space transformer is not required. This allows not only larger probing area, but also quicker lead time and lower costs than other types of vertical technologies.

The latest VC4-Series is developed for large probing area applications. It can support up to 12" full wafer testing for NAND and 12" wafer burn-in for memory (NAND and DDR). This is achieved by using block construction (tile) for the probe head unit. The latest model, VC-430, can accommodate probing area of 300mm in diameter.  

Series                          Probing Area Allowed                         # of Touchdowns
VC-416                         160mm x 160mm                               4 Touchdowns on 12" wafer
VC-420                         200mm in diameter                            1 Touchdown on 8" wafer
VC-430                         300mm in diameter                            1 Touchdown on 12" wafer


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