Vertical Probe Cards

JEM America offers a line of Vertical Probe Cards suitable for a wide spectrum of probing applications. The biggest focus in our R&D efforts is in the area of vertical contact technology. Combining breakthroughs in interconnect technology and precision manufacturing techniques, our vertical probe cards can provide a number of performance benefits that are unattainable in the conventional cantilever probe cards. We are confident that our vertical probe cards are the reliable and cost-effective probing solution for the next-generation devices and the increasingly challenging test environment.   As our first vertical technology, VC-Series Probe Cards have achieved a proven track record for multi-die memory probing and wafer level burn-in as well as logic device probing. The VS-Series Probes Cards are developed for area array and solder/Cu bump probing applications.  And the VE-Series are for high parallelism testing of image sensor devices.

JEM's Vertical Probe Cards consist of four main components: Probe, Guide Plate, Space Transformer, and PCB.  If you are interested in learning individual product's structure and specifications, please contact your JEM sales representative or JEM America directly.


Product Name Applications

VC-Series Probe Card

  • Multi-die memory probing (Flash, SDRAM)
  • Multi-die logic device probing
  • Wafer level burn-in

VS-Series Probe Card

  • Area array probing
  • C4 probing
  • Solder or Cu bump probing
VE-Series Probe Card
  • Image Sensor Devices


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