Cleaning & Maintenance

Probe Tip Cleaning:  During wafer-level testing, low and stable contact resistance is imperative in achieving high wafer yields. There are a number of factors affecting contact resistance such as bond pad material, probe gram force, shape and condition of the probe tips. After repeated touchdowns on the devices under test (DUTs), pad materials and other surface contaminants will be accumulated on the probe tip as well as the probe length. Such loose debris can substantially increase the contact resistance, leading to decreased wafer yields. As a result, scheduled cleaning procedure has become very critical in controlling contact resistance.

Tip Shape Maintenance:  In general, radius tips have better contact resistance stability than flat tips. However, radius tips will be flattened after repeated touchdowns. As the tips are flattened, they will eventually lose the self-cleaning action which will result in increased contact resistance. Tip shape maintenance should be an indispensable part of your probe card maintenance regimen if your probe cards have radius tips.


International Test Solutions Cleaning Products

JEM America is an authorized distributor of International Test Solutions cleaning products.  International Test Solutions provides non-destructive probe card cleaning products used by semiconductor manufacturers to remove debris and contaminants generated during wafer level and burn-in/test socket testing.  By removing loose debris and adherent contaminants in-line, the quality of the testing data is improved, the test equipment downtime is reduced, throughput is increased and manufacturing yields are improved. 

 For more product information, please visit International Test Solutions website at


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